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Gulfport is a small town in Pinellas County, Florida, bordered on the north by St Petersburg and on the south by Ciego Bay. Locally, people often refer proudly to Gulfport as “old Florida,” because of its numerous, small bungalows and streets lined with Spanish Moss-laden live oaks. Gulfport is also an active arts community with many small galleries, boutiques, restaurants and shops.

There is a lovely, long park along Beach Boulevard, which runs the length of the town down to the bay and in which there is the Catherine Hickman Theatre, performing plays several times a year, a large library and a separate senior center, both offering many programs for visitors and citizens alike, such as a writing workshop, a French language group, films, bridge games, and many other activities. The nearby tennis courts are free and open to the public. The Gulfport Trolley offers free transportation throughout the village.

The town of Gulfport was founded in 1884 on land purchased by Hamilton Disston, after whom the town was first named. The name was changed several times and finally became Gulfport in 1910.  The population at the last census was about 12,000, which swells during high season.