The Peripatetic Writing Workshop Goes to Italy

The Peripatetic Writing Workshop, Inc., will meet June 25th to July 3rd, 2014 in a villa outside of Verona, Italy. In addition to its long-standing offering of intensive, daily workshops in fiction and nonfiction, poetry workshops will be added this summer for the first time.

Verona is in the Veneto region of Italy, about 45 miles from Venice, and well-known as the area where wealthy Venetians built their sumptuous summer palaces and farms, the most famous of which were designed and built by Palladio. The city of Romeo and Juliet, Verona is between Milan and Venice and is near Bologna and the city of Padova, possibly the oldest city in northern Italy, the site of the first botanical garden in the Western world and one of the oldest universities in Europe. Each summer in June and July, Verona holds an opera festival in its massive and well-preserved Roman arena. As the Peripatetic Writing Workshop will be in Verona at that time, interested writers will be able to attend a performance.

The fiction and nonfiction workshops will be taught by Maureen Brady and Martha E. Hughes (see Faculty Page).

For the first time in addition to its regular fiction and nonfiction workshops, The Peripatetic Writing Workshop is pleased to offer a poetry workshop led by the outstanding teacher and poet, Susan Sindall. Susan has taught poetry at Poets House and The Teachers and Writers Collaborative in New York City, leads a decades-long Writer’s Workshop in Kingston, N.Y., and a poetry workshop in Woodstock, scheduled for six weeks this year, extended to five months by popular demand.

“Susan Sindall is a generous, talented and wise poet who graciously shares her keen insight into poetry and encourages one to go deeper into self-exploration.”
Renee Englander, Woodstock Poetry Workshop 2013.