The Peripatetic Writing Workshop Goes to Florida

January 24th - February 4th, 2015

The Peripatetic Writing Workshop, Inc, will meet January 24th to February 4th on Anna Maria Island on Florida's Gulf Coast. This is the third year the workshop has been based on this lovely, peaceful barrier reef of white, sandy beaches, which is between Tampa and Sarasota, Florida. This year the workshop has been extended for a total of 11 days.

The fiction and nonfiction workshops will be taught by Maureen Brady and Martha E. Hughes (see Faculty Page).

Sicily, 2012

“I loved the writing assignments….a good balance between them and critiques and the interesting mix of writers.”
Judy Allen, Anna Maria Island, 2014

“I had a wonderful time on all levels. Loved the big group free-writing exercises.”
Michael Carmen, Verona, Italy, 2014

“I really enjoyed the trip to Verona Arena Opera, despite the rain. The balance between workshop and travel worked well. As the workshops proceeded, everyone had constructive comments and there was a sense that we wanted everyone to succeed.”
Linda Peng, Verona, Italy, 2014