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This summer the Peripatetic writers will reside in Abbotsley, a five-bedroom renovated Victorian house on The Marina overlooking the English Channel, and a three- bedroom house on Farrier Street in the heart of Deal's historic Old Town Conservation area, a 15-minute walk away. 

Each house is charming in completely different ways and stocked completely with bedding, linens, towels, in short, all needs for a comfortable stay, as well as a fully-equipped kitchen for joint or individual cooking needs. In both houses there are many bedrooms with private baths and some shared rooms with shared baths.

While all breakfasts and five dinners are provided by the Peripatetic,  the lunches and non-included dinners are prepared individually or with fellow-writers in the houses' kitchens. (We arrange several trips by taxi to the grocery stores, which deliver purchases to the two writers' residences.)






"I loved the trip to fellow writers' useful comments, the wonderful fellowship, and the fabulous fainting couch in my room, where I lounged and looked out at the water."
Emily Dunlalp, Deal 2018
























Middle Street House