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This year the Peripatetic will take place in two well-appointed houses. One, a renovated former pub right on the English Channel, is ultra modern. The other, half a block from the Channel,  is a large, charming, traditional house. Both are within the Historic District. The modern house has 5 newly renovated bedrooms, all en suite. The classic house has 5 bedrooms, four bathrooms and a lovely back garden.

While all breakfasts and five dinners are provided by the Peripatetic, writers prepare their own lunches and non-included dinners in the well-equipped kitchens.

Both houses are located just a few blocks from Deal's High Street, which abounds in charming boutiques, thrift shops, bookstores, fine restaurants and a lively open market offering everything from vintage clothes and jewelry to local cheeses, vegetables, meats, pastries and flowers. 


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 "I loved the trip to fellow writers' useful comments, the wonderful fellowship."
Emily Dunlap, Kent, England